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Management software focused on invoicing and stock control


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If you're thinking about digitizing the management of your business, one option available to you is to choose simple software that can be used by any employee, without their needing to be an expert in IT.

ZGestion is an excellent option, if the above description is appealing to you. The program, geared toward invoicing and stock control for small businesses, allows you to easily administer all of your information related with Products, Services, Clients, Suppliers, Sales, Delivery Notes, Invoices, etc.

ZGestion is controlled from an extremely intuitive interface, accessible by even novice computer-users. All of the program's options are well-organized into tabs along the top bar, as well as some secondary tools that should come in handy, like a native web browser and a calculator.

Using other options, you can: print any delivery note or budget as an invoice with just a click, create templates using budget models, and access a wide variety of information about each and every one of the features included in the program.

Compatible with Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, and Windows Vista. This invoicing software complies with Invoicing regulation RD 87/2005 from January 31st, which modifies the regulation that regulated invoicing obligations passed by RD 1496/2003, from November 28th.


30-day trial.